Status of the Constitution of an Incorporated Society Constitution

Background   Other articles on this website discuss society constitutions, and this article examines the status of an incorporated society’s constitution from a number of different perspectives.    An incorporated society’s constitution and its members    The rules in a society constitution are binding on the society’s officers and committee members, and also on the […]

Are Rules Binding?

Background   Other articles on this website discuss society constitutions – ”Are Rules Binding,” “ redrafting the rules of a community organisation and I was startled to be asked some questions by its chairman that made me realise how uninformed the general public are about society Rules.  The questioner was well-educated and experienced in business […]

Interpreting the Rules of a Society

Another article “Protecting the Destiny of a Society” discussed the judgment in Tamaki v The Māori Women’s Welfare League Incorporated [2011] NZAR 605 (HC), Kos J.  That judgment noted that:   [6] The League is an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 … governed by a constitution. The constitution is a broadly cast […]