Does Your Organisation have a Future?

2012, updated November 2022 Many community organisations reach a point where they ask (or should be asking) this question – does our organisation have a future? Before adopting a negative or defensive attitude to that question it is worth reflecting on some fundamentals: What do we really know about: Our potential and existing members? What […]

The New Incorporated Societies Act – Guide for Societies

NOTE: (i) These notes, prepared by Mark von Dadelszen, provide a brief overview of the more significant elements of the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 which has now replaced the 1908 Act. (ii) New and existing societies should now be adopting new constitutions that comply with the new Act. (iii) There are estimated to be 24-26,000 […]

Parent Incorporated Societies and their Branches

Structuring the relationship of parent and branch societies The Incorporated Societies Amendment Act 1920 (the only substantive change in the 114 year life of the 1908 statute) established a very rudimentary statutory framework for the incorporation and operation of a “parent” society’s branches, and that Amendment Act provided for the incorporation of a branch of […]